The Élan Collection by Le Belge / 5 Bars 3 oz each

The Élan Collection by Le Belge / 5 Bars- 3oz ea.

An Artisan Sea Salt Chocolate Bar Collection

Élan, a collection of fine artisanal chocolate bars inspired by Sel De Mer (Sea Salt). Sea Salt, symbolic of vitality and purity, has long been a gourmet staple used to intensify and balance flavors. With this in mind, Le Belge has created an exotic collection of varietal sea salt bars pairing the delicate flakey texture of sea salt with flavors from around the world.

The collection includes 5 chocolate bars (3oz) each with a distinct flavor profile. Different regional flavors are blended with a specific sea salts to create an elegant taste combination while enhancing the fruity, buttery and earthy notes of the pure Belgian chocolate. Made using the finest select ingredients, each bar is full of incredible flavor. Sure to please the chocolate connoisseur in you.

The selection includes:

  • Pure Sea Salt in 72% Dark Chocolate
  • Sea Salted Almond in 31% Milk Chocolate
  • Himalayan Sea Salt & Strawberry in 54% Dark Chocolate
  • Tellicherry Pepper & Sea Salt in 54% Dark Chocolate
  • Mediterranean Sea Salt & Lemon Zest in 72% Dark Chocolate

Salt... Vitality... Élan.

Item Count: 5